What We Do

The Fair Housing Council:

Offers clients expert housing and financial counseling. This includes in-person and telephone counseling, housing referrals, escorting by fair housing volunteers for those new to the area and assistance after moving in to ensure a good adjustment.

Provides information and educational programs for housing and lending consumers, real estate professionals, schools, civic and religious groups and government bodies.

Protects people who experience discrimination. The council investigates housing and lending discrimination complaints. If necessary, the council provides legal assistance to pursue fair housing complaints through the Department of Housing and Urban Development or state and federal courts.

Assists corporations and businesses moving into the region as well as firms already established in the area in locating housing or obtaining housing loans for their minority employees.

Works with real estate professionals and lending institutions to ensure compliance with fair housing laws. The council designs effective affirmative action programs to implement court-ordered consent decrees and settlement agreements for rental management companies, real estate professionals and lending institutions.

Assists low-income families in finding affordable housing and works with other groups as an advocate for affordable housing.

Offers couseling to prevent mortgage foreclosure.

Provides assistance to banks, lenders and new community-based fair housing organizations that work for equality in housing.