About Us

The Fair Housing Council is Here For You!

The Fair Housing Council is here to ensure that all who seek housing have an equal opportunity to rent, purchase, finance or insure the property they choose. Fair housing is the law of the land. Fair housing means that you may freely choose a place of residence without regard to your race, religion, color, sex, national origin or because you are disabled or have children in your family. It is your right to be treated in an equal and non-discriminatory manner.

The Fair Housing Council is a private, nonprofit organization which has effectively served Northern New Jersey since 1959. The Fair Housing Council is one of the oldest and most respected fair housing organizations in the United States. It is the only enforcement agency in the state of New Jersey. The council's officers and Board of Trustees are composed of business and community leaders, clergy, representatives of local organizations, attorneys and everyone interested in making fair housing a reality for all people.

The council has successfully handled thousands of complaints along with 800 new clients per year and 3,000 ongoing cases annually. If you suspect that housing discrimination has occurred, contact the Fair Housing Council immediately. The Fair Housing Council works closely with government agencies at all levels and with private attorneys to ensure that fair housing laws are vigorously enforced.

Our primary service area is Northern New Jersey but the impact of our programs is felt throughout the state and across the nation.